Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Update for July 20,2020

Effective July 20,2020 we have decided to take a pause on taking guests from the public into our Clinic.  As a school, the safety and limited interaction with those that come into our school we are trying to keep at a minimum, as we see increased cases of Covid-19 in many states.  We apologize for any inconvenience to those that were looking to make an appointment, or had an appointment, and hope to announce a return to taking appointments in our Clinic the week of Aug 10, 2020.  You may still call and be placed on a waiting list, however, we will not be booking any future appointments.

We appreciate your support and understanding.  Our Take Home area is open, and you can contact our school to purchase items via curbside pickup.

(We are no longer accepting cash or checks as forms of payment.  We accept Amex, Visa, MC and Discover.)

Looking to join our Cosmetology or Barbering Program? We will be continuing to offer limited On-Site Tours ( at this time only applicant may attend) and Virtual Tours.

Thank you for your understanding.

Charles and Sharon Riser for THE TEMPLE Annapolis & TEMPLE Frederick




UPDATED May 18, 2020

Dear TEMPLE Annapolis Family:

As Governor Hogan moves the State of Maryland into Phase One of our Roadmap to Recovery we wanted to take a minute to update the public to our plans. It is important to remember that we are NOT a salon, and as such do not follow the guidelines being published for salons in the various counties.

THE TEMPLE Annapolis will reopen to the general public once we can safely do so for our Future Professionals and TEMPLE Teams. We have been working for the last two weeks very closely with the Department of Education and the Maryland Department of Health to ensure our reopening plan is both safe, and sane. Initially, our opening will be limited to just our future professionals so they can get themselves comfortable with both the campus AND our new way of doing things.

We anticipate the initial LIMITED reopening to happen within the next two to three weeks. This initial phase will NOT include having the general public come into our clinic classroom. As of right now, we do not anticipate allowing the general public to have services done until Monday, June 29, 2020.

Although our clinic classroom will remain closed to the public at this time, we continue to operate our educational division to support you in your career goals. In fact our curriculum will migrate to a “blended” one that supports both distance AND face to face instruction.

To help facilitate this process in support of your career, THE TEMPLE Annapolis is currently offering virtual tours and career planning appointments through Zoom.

We are more than happy to confirm a time, and send you a simple link to the meeting, so we can get your journey started.  Our Enrollment Team can be reached at:

Their direct phone number is:  443-782-3004

We want to remind everyone that this continues to be the time for everyone to step up and behave responsibly in their hygiene, social distancing, and personal contact and travel.  Please follow the guidelines as outlined by the CDC and the State of Maryland. Our efforts can become one small step in helping to curb the spread of this virus.

We will all get through this.

Thank you for your understanding.

Charles and Sharon Riser for THE TEMPLE Annapolis

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