Randy's Story

January 19, 2021
Randy Epps

Whenever people ask me to say something interesting about myself I never know what to say.  I grew up right outside of Philadelphia and was pretty much born into the hair industry. Although I am not a licensed cosmetologist, I have been around beauty as long as I can remember. My sister is a hairstylist, my uncle is a barber and has owned his own barber shop for almost 3 decades, and even my grandmother had a salon on the side of her home. I guess you could say I have been sweeping up hair since I was big enough to hold a broom.

Believe it or not, I am the quiet one in my family (though you would never know that from morning huddles). Growing up in a HUGE family really pushed me to find the things about myself that were unique and made me stand out amongst my siblings/cousins. For me, one of the unique things that I am most proud of is my creativity. Art, music, and conversation have always been things that come easily to me. I was even signed to a small record label in my early 20s to write and record songs for myself and other artists.

I would say my favorite thing about myself is my ability to connect with people. Living in as many places as I have (in fact Sacramento is the 11th city I have lived in) really helps you to learn different cultures, perspectives, and environments that you may never experience if you stay in your comfort bubble.

When I am not at work I am a dog dad, a music lover, an amateur chef and a full time reality show TV binge watcher! I LOVE public speaking and anything outdoors as long as there is good weather. I’m a low-key Disney enthusiast and my favorite characters are ALWAYS the Villains.

I have been with the Esani family for over 4 years now. I came into this opportunity honestly having no idea that these people would become my family. I started as an admissions counselor, then moved around to leadership positions, and eventually Ms. Arlene convinced me to pack my bags and move across the country. I couldn’t be more proud, or have chosen a better team to work with. I’m Excited and Optimistic for my new role as Director and for my future in this company, and can’t wait to see what the next adventure in it will bring!

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