Paul Mitchell the School Birmingham is open to guests at this time, please be aware of our new policies and procedures regarding appointments:

*All services will be by appointment only, so no walk-ins will be accepted.
To keep everyone as safe as possible, we will only be allowing a limited
number of guests in the school at one time, and some services may be
temporarily unavailable (details below.)

*Guests will check in for their appointment by calling from their vehicle, and they must complete a wellness protocol form as well as a temperature check before entering the school.

*Only essential non-guest companions will be allowed to accompany scheduled guests during their appointment.

*Masks are required the entire length of the appointment, and sanitizer will be provided at the school’s entrance.

*For haircut, hair coloring, and thermal iron services, please
arrive with clean, dry, product-free hair as we are currently not
conducting scalp massages or shampoos.

*Shampoos will only be performed to wash out hair color or other chemical services. Some color or lightening services may require multiple visits.

*We are not currently performing and blow-dry finish and styling services. We are happy to offer other styling and drying options, such as a braid, ponytail, or relaxing under a hooded dryer.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and we look forward to seeing you back at our school!

At Paul Mitchell School Birmingham, the health, safety, and well-being of our students, team members, service guests, and community are among our highest priorities. We continue to monitor state, local, national, and industry guidelines regarding COVID-19 and are taking proactive measures as needed.

Our school and our entire industry always prioritizes sanitation and safety. All our programs include and follow stringent guidelines established by state cosmetology and barbering boards and local health departments for the proper cleaning and maintenance of tools and stations. Even before the spread of COVID-19, we have made sure to provide a fully sanitized experience by practicing routine sanitation methods like washing our hands between each guest and cleaning surfaces and tools with antibacterial cleaner. We are currently taking additional measures, including the use of industrial-grade cleaners to sanitize stations, door handles, and frequently touched services, as well as increasing the number of strategically placed disinfectant wipes and hand-sanitizing stations throughout the building to allow students, staff, and visitors to use as desired.


We can’t thank everyone enough for the understanding and kindness we have been shown as we continue to work diligently from the safety of our individual homes in order to give our Future Professional’s the best education possible. We hope to see you all soon!



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