How To Make Your Guests Smile

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How To Make Your Guests Smile

The beauty business isn’t just about creating beauty, but maintaining beautiful relationships. Indulgent success starts with one simple thing… a smile. After all, what is hairdressing without a happy guest? Want to learn how to make your guest smile? Here are our favorite simple ways:

1. Always Be Welcoming

The ‘perfect professional,’ is always welcoming, and never cold. You’re a daymaker! A ray of sunshine! Your craft maybe hairdressing, but your job is to make your guests’ look and feel beautiful! Whether or not an individual is your guest or not, be welcoming to every person who walks through the salon doors.

2. Be Nice, Or Else… Winn knows what he’s talking about

Would you rather spend 3 hours in a chair with a grouchy hairdresser, or a pleasant one? Your attitude can make or break a guest’s experience.

3. Master The 5 Senses Program

Create an unbelievable client experience and set the stage.

  1. Visual: Keep a clean, professional, and interesting environment. The guest experience is just as important as the quality of their service.
  2. Smell: Free your salon from bad odors, and remember to keep your breath fresh, and body clean.
  3. Taste: Offer quality refreshments in clean glasses.
  4. Touch: Be gentle and thoughtful while working with your guest. Provide extra long head massages during a shampoo, or offer a foot massage during a body treatment. Take the time to connect with your client through the feeling of touch.
  5. Hearing: Play music that is pleasing for everybody. Stray away from offensive songs, and keep it simple with light jazz, or relaxing spa tones.

4. Pay Attention To Body Language

Reference golden communication blog (need to upload) talk about both your own body language and watching guests’ body language. Talk about some guests want to talk, some want to be left alone.

5. Always Be Reliable

Staying on top of guest relations will help foster a stronger relationship with your guests. This means returning phone calls within 24 hours, keeping and remembering appointments, and staying focused during appointments. Want more smiles? Ever guest loves a Happy Birthday. Don’t forget to wish them one!

6. Be a consultant

Know your stuff, and sell it well. The best hair dressers know what color and cut will look best on their clients. Even if honesty may be the harder route to take with your guest, it is the best policy! It’s better to be truthful about a request, then to have your guest in tears at the end of the appointment. For a happier guest, no when to say “no.”

Want to improve your craft and guest experience? Try mastering the Golden Rules of Communication! #dowhatyoulove

Written By: Jessica Doucette, Paul Mitchell Schools

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