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How To Style A Pompadour

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To achieve many of the popular hairstyles today, I’m teaching my male guests how to use a blowdryer, and that they’re not just for women anymore! For my guests who want great hair, I’ve taught them that they’re going to have to spend an extra minute or two on their daily routine. It’s been fun teaching and enlightening them to see how easy a blowdryer can be to use. Cheers!

1. Prep the hair with two pumps of Thicken Up® onto clean hair. Run a comb through the hair for even distribution.

2. Pre-dry the hair using a blowdryer and brush. Blow dry the hair from right to left.

3. To gain more control and movement for the final style, switch direction and blow dry the hair from left to right.  

4. To finish the blow dry, bevel the hair up and backwards to add volume. Keep your focus on the front of the hairstyle where the hair is the longest.

5. Using a dime-sized amount of Clean Cut™, rub the product into your hands and rake your fingertips back into the hair to create shape.

*Styling Tip By Steven: It's important that you use your fingertips to rake the product through so the product doesn't get super concentrated in one area. It’s okay if you need to re-rub your hands together to redistribute the product through your hands.

6. Take a small amount (about half the size of dime) of Barber’s Classic™ and rake it through the hair. Smooth down the shorter hair on the sides and back of the head with the remaining product on your hands.   

*Styling Tip By Steven: I like to finish my styles with this product because of its shine – especially on shorter hair. Think of it this way: for our female guests, it’s fun to finish their style with the Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Shine Spray™ – and this is the male version of it. Again, I just raked Barber’s Classic through the top of his head. This time, though, I smoothed down his short hair on the sides and back of his head with the remaining product on my hands. This product gives the style the cherry on top. Just because the hair is short doesn’t mean it doesn’t need product.

7. Last, I finished the look with a light spray of Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray® to lock up the volume in the front.


Now, for a men’s hairstyle, this was a lot of product I used. More than most men are willing to do – and even more than I use on myself. However, to get an extra-polished finish, I took these extra steps. This same look can be achieved using the same blow drying technique and only the Clean Cut™ – a much more practical approach. I invite you to give it a try! 

Learn more about Steven on our blog and follow him @stevensanchezjr on Twitter and Instagram for more looks! 

Written By: Stylist: Steven Sanchez Jr. | Blog: Jessica Doucette | Graphics: Kristen Roberts

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