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Mariah Jaloudi: Paul Mitchell Schools Featured Future Professional of June

Paul Mitchell Schools is very honored to present June's Featured Future Professional, Mariah Jaloudi from Paul Mitchell The School - Sacramento at MTI College!

Selected for her incredible before-and-after photos and respectable representation of Paul Mitchell Schools, Mariah’s talent and passion are beautifully expressed throughout her Instagram. Not only can guest’s view her work like a portfolio, but she can consistently advertise her craft and beauty to her followers. Congratulations for becoming Paul Mitchell School’s Featured Future Professional of June! Paul Mitchell Schools is very honored to present June's Featured Future Professional, Mariah Jaloudi from Paul Mitchell The School - Sacramento at MTI College!

Mariah considers hairstyling and makeup her specialities because they are her two favorite jobs to work with. “Makeup allows you to create and enhance beauty out of a natural canvas, or to be fully expressive.” Mariah loves that with both hairstyling and makeup, “you have the advantage to create anything you desire.”

So why should clients book an appointment with Mariah? Mariah’s desire to having her guests feel welcome and situated in a positive environment is incredibly important for her. “My ultimate goal is to have them leave feeling brand new and beautiful,” says Mariah, “I really want to listen to my clients. I often hear that not many stylists give them what they want, or what they asked for. Giving a client exactly what they want will bring them happiness and satisfaction, and back to your chair!”

Setting her apart from other stylists, Mariah is not only attending cosmetology school, but Business Management courses. She plans to graduate November 13, 2014 with a business degree and license. In a few years, she plans to own her own salon or makeup studio. “There are so many routes you can take with this career, and it’s truly amazing how many successful jobs we can all create.”

Currently, Mariah is preparing for the school’s yearly hair and makeup show. The Hair and Makeup Show is associated with Paul Mitchell’s FUNraising efforts. This year, their show is centered around a Hair Around The World theme with the categories being India, China, Europe, and Africa. Mariah is participating in the Europe category with a focus on Greek Mythology.  “Getting ready for this has definitely been my favorite assignment so far, because everyone has such amazing creativity and i’m extremely excited to see everyone’s work showcased!”

Mariah’s Featured Tip: “Never give up on yourself! It’s a beautiful thing when you can look in the mirror and love who you are and who you have become. Know that all of your actions and positive energy can truly impact others.

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Written By: Jessica Doucette, Paul Mitchell Schools

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