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New Season, New Skin

Spring is well upon us and the weather is getting warmer, which means there are some things you may need to do differently to keep your skin in top shape during the season. Along with warmer temperatures, many of us experience skin challenges due to both sun exposure and perspiration. There’s also humidity to take into consideration, and all of these issues can lead to problems like sunburns, sunspots, and breakouts.    

If you’re looking to improve the overall quality of your skin this season and maintain a healthy, glowing appearance all over, be sure to take note of the following recommendations for skin care.

Drink Lots of Water

During any season, a key to healthy skin lies in drinking tons of water. During spring, we especially need to consume a lot of water because we’re transitioning into warmer weather that can potentially dehydrate us.

Many of us haven’t been chugging down the water during winter (it’s sometimes hard to think about staying hydrated when it’s freezing outside), so it may take some extra commitment to get the essential six to eight cups of water into our bodies each day. But your skin needs it, so drink up!

Drinking lots of water helps keep skin from drying out and also helps to flush away toxins that could eventually lead to unsightly pimples.

Sunscreen for the FaceReach for the Sunscreen    

Cultivating a nice spring glow on your skin means allowing a bit of sunlight to hit your face, but not overdoing your time in the sun’s rays. Since spring temperatures are often moderate, you may not realize just how much sun you’re getting during the day. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to put some kind of sunscreen on your face if you plan to be outside for more than 30 minutes.

You can start by choosing a foundation that includes sunscreen, or by opting for a non-greasy sunscreen to wear under your makeup. Just put something on for extended periods of outdoors time, or you’ll likely end up with sunburned skin.

Go Easy on the Foundation

Since springtime means an upwards jump in the thermometer, you might find yourself perspiring periodically, and you won’t want your foundation to run or smear. During the spring season, opt for a light foundation that you don’t need to worry about. Something sheer is good, because it’s weather safe and it will show off your natural glowy skin.

Keep Makeup Shades Light and Bright

Aside from taking good care of your skin during spring by using the methods we’ve mentioned above, you can also make your skin look better for a new season by choosing the right shades of makeup. This spring, keep colors light and bright. Use peach and rose blushes, pastel and neutral shades of eye shadow, super-light mascara hues, and lipsticks in beiges, pinks, and corals for the best results.

These tips for new skin for a new season will keep you feeling and looking healthy and your best. Enjoy the new season and have fun!

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Written By: Paul MItchell Schools

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