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Paul Mitchell Schools' Biggest Fools!

“Who’s the biggest fool of your school?” Yesterday on Instagram, Paul Mitchell Schools challenged Future Professionals to a “silly selfie” contest. We asked our followers to capture a selfie, or in this case, a “foolsie” of themselves in honor of April Fools Day with the hashtag #PMTSFoolsies. Here are our favorites!  

1. Craziest Foolsie

Paul Mitchell School's Craziest Foolsie!

2. Scariest Foolsie

Paul Mitchell School's Scariest Foolsie!

3. Cutest Foolsie

Paul Mitchell School's Cutest Foolsie!

4. Best Collective Foolsie

Paul Mitchell School's Best Collective Foolsie!


Paul Mitchell School's Best Foolsie!

Congratulations Erin McCafferty @hellooxokitty for being our grand prize winner! We dub you the biggest fool of your school! Enjoy the Neuro Tool!

Written By: Paul Mitchell Schools

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