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Tutorial: The Faux Shave

Wanting a shaved side without the sacrifice? Drop the clippers and try our latest Faux Shave hairstyle! Let cornrows give the illusion of a side-shave for you! Keep the hair, rock the look.


1. Begin your look by sectioning off the hair you’d like to use for the faux shave. Begin the part above the temple and part the hair again a half inch behind the ear.

2. Spray the section with Spray Wax™ for flexible texture and hold.

3. Part the hair into quarter-inch sections for each braid.

4. Split your first quarter-inch section into 3 strands and dutch braid the hair back towards the ear. To make the braids smaller, tug the hair tight while braiding.

5. Fasten by twisting bobby pins into the braid

6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each braid! To hide the bobby pins, tease hair onto the cornrow.

Congratulations, you now have a shaved head without the huge commitment! For added texture to your ‘do, we suggest Awapuhi Texturizing Sea Spray® and our Stay Strong® hairspray for super hold!

Got a knack for hair styling? Turn it into a career! Click http://l.inkto.it/2inkr to request info about our cosmetology program nearest you!

Written By: Stylist: Chauntil Nelson | Model: Alicia Perez | Photos by Kyle Johnson | Blog by Jessica Doucette & Kristen Roberts, Paul Mitchell Schools

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