Tutorial: The Messy Braid

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Tutorial: The Messy Braid


This “perfectly imperfect” braid is a tousled must-have for your hairstyle collection. For a braid with body and a hint of romance, our “messy braid” tutorial can be perfected in just 9 easy steps.


1. For a textured, tousled look, begin with a head full of loosely curled hair.

2. Part hair diagonally from the right temple to the left ear. Clip the top section up.

3. Starting at the nape of the neck, fishtail the bottom section of hair to the side.

4. Unclip the top section and begin the fishtail where the bottom braid begins.

5. Combine the two fishtails together with an elastic.

6. Gently pull the braids apart for tousled texture.

7. Weave the braids together using bobby pins. To do this, point your bobby down into the hair and “sew” the pin into the two braids.

8. Cover the elastic with excess hair and secure with a bobby pin.

9. Pull out a few pieces around the face, and spritz your final look with Stay Strong® Hairspray and you have yourself the perfect messy braid!

For a frizz free style and added volume, we suggest applying Awapuhi HydroCream Whip® and Lemon Sage Thickening Spray® to clean, damp hair. The whip will banish flyaways while adding shine, and the spray will pump up skinny strands with a fresh, no product feel.

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Hair and makeup courtesy of Paul Mitchell The School Ogden. 

Written By: Stylist: Tess Hadley | Model: Olivia Mendez | Photos by Kyle Johnson | Blog by Jessica Doucette & Kristen Roberts, Paul Mitchell Schools

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