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Trevor Muir At Paul Mitchell The School Chicago

Trevor Muir is a teacher, author, international speaker, and creator of inspiring videos that have been viewed on his social media pages over 26 million times. He is the author of The Epic Classroom: How to Boost Engagement, Make Learning Memorable, and Transform Lives, a book about using the power of story to make learning engaging and unforgettable. Trevor started his career as a high school teacher and is now a professor at Grand Valley State University. His writing has been featured in the Huffington Post, EdWeek, and regularly on WeAreTeachers. His TEDx Talk, "School Should Take Place in the Real World," makes the case for more authentic and meaningful learning in schools. At the heart of Trevor’s work is the conviction that every student has the potential for greatness, and every teacher can be equipped to unlock that potential. Using storytelling, spoken word poetry, and examples from his own work, Trevor shares proven and effective practices to become a more inspired learner and a more inspiring teacher.
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