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Every month our staff and Future Professionals nominate a Future Professional of the Month based on their dedication to their education and their attitude. In October, we have the privilege to celebrate Autumn and Marielis as our Future Professionals of the month! They both have exemplified what being a visionary means through their diligence in work and positivity every day. We are extremely proud of all of our Future Professionals daily, and also excited to spotlight our Future Professionals of the month!

Marielis started our Hairstyling program this past spring, and has been a radiant light ever since! She started with the drive to be successful and has made her way to our Phase Two team. "My favorite aspect of the school is the good environment that we have as a school, that reflect the good people in our community." explains Marielis, "Our Learning Leaders help you to be a good student and learn from them." Marielis has big plans for her future in the beauty industry! Her goals are to own her own salon and have a lot of guests. She wants to make them feel happy! "The only thing that inspires me is loving myself and being positive all my life. Also having people in the school and family that support me and believe in me. I want to be an inspiration for others and be a mentor too! Paul Mitchell inspires me in many aspects such as loving others, being respectful and being professional." Marielis describes. She has many mentors including the teachers at Paul Mitchell the School and John Paul Dejoria. "I have seen their hard work and helping others." She loves how kind and professional Joh Paul Dejoria is in the beauty industry. Marielis' advice for her peers is, "Make friend not only in Core Class but with everybody, support your friends and help them if you know more. Don't be afraid of taking clients, that is your future and your business. Always be happy with a smile and never take anything personally. Do your best!"

Autumn started in our part-time Hairstyling program and has quickly accelerated through the program! Autumn's hard work and visionary attitude have left an impact on those around them! Autumn has been involved in many student teams and is rapidly approaching graduation. "I really enjoy how the students help each other out to make sure clients get done in a reasonable amount of time." Autumn's interactions with every one of their guests show how successful they will be in the industry! Autumn is open to where the industry may take them, "I see myself probably working in a salon with a steady clientele!" Autumn's mentor throughout their school journey has been Emma Long who has an impact on many people within the Paul Mitchell System. "I really like how she specializes in texture and up styling services." Explains Autumn. We are so excited to see where your journey in the beauty industry takes you Autumn, we know you will be successful! 

Written By: Bailey Lofgren

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