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How to: Summer Hair

In Texas, it seems to be summer 9 months out of the year here. Winter is a crisp 50-something degrees (snow boot and parka weather if you ask me), while the 3 beautiful weeks of Spring we get feels like heaven. Just as we have changed into our shorts and flowy dresses.. it happens. Summer is here. It comes in quietly, whispering a "hey, its 8am and you need to turn the A/C on in your car". For the next few months, the upper 90's are the norm.


But it ain't all bad! With Spring and Summer comes changes - good changes!

Summer = blonde hair.
Highlights, balyage, face-framing highlights, all over lighten, free-hand, color melt, teasy-lights, guy-lights etc..etc...

With new blonding technology, comes new techniques. Nowadays there's more than just your traditional highlight. We've come a long way from the fear of the chunky-light. Think Kelly Clarkson Breakaway album cover. Not hatin' - just sayin'.
Lots of guests come in wanting a more sun-kissed, natural look. Something that says "I just got back from Long Beach and yes, this is my natural color thank-you-very-much".

Each season we see guests coming in to change up their look. And if youre anything like us, its the constant struggle of always wanting to be light, then dark...then light again. To keep up with our ever-changing minds, there are a few things that need to be considered when its time to pack up your bags, and head to the salon with that screenshot of that picture you saw on Pinterest of the perfect shade of blonde.

It doesn't always have to be a huge production to lighten up those locks! Its all about 3 things: technique, time and maintenance.

We know the damage done by lightener can be irreversible at times - but taking time and finding the right techniques for the look you want, while having the right products in hand to make sure your hair stays happy in the long run makes all the difference.

In the beauty world, the phrase "good things take time" is basically law. The perfect shade doesn't happen in an hour (or even in a day in some instances). The hashtag #TrustTheProcess has started popping up under
photos of prefect blonde hues; and for a good reason! Don't be fooled by celebrity's ever changing hairstyles on the covers of magazines! A great color takes time, processes, extra ounces of deep conditioner and maybe a tear or two.

Be patient! Going into your appointment knowing the process with help the slow ease into a flawless shade with minimal damage.

Next is technique. Like we mentioned above, there's more to lightening than your basic foil. Having a stylist that preforms a great consultation with you to really dive deep into your lifestyle, upkeep regimen, shade desired, skin and hair tones and
hair integrity will be a win-win for both stylist and guest. The picture you brought in of your desired look may not be the best shade for you, a great consultation will help you and your stylist be on the same page and
help you find a custom shade for you!

The final step is maintenance. Keeping up with the blonde is half the battle. Dryness, breakage, dull and brassy tones are a threat to your new shade!
Keeping up with some fantastic salon products will be the insurance for your hair and prevent and protect from damage.

For Shampoo and Conditioner, we love the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde. Not only does it keep your hair nice and shiny, but it also protects the hair with safflower oleosomes, which means long lasting moisture that wont
dry up in the summer heat! Shampooing once a week with the Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo will also keep out the brassy-ness.

We love the way the Platinum Blonde Shampoo looks and smells. Bright purple and its cucumber scented.. whats more summer than that?

Another favorite and must-have for anyone who smooths or curls their hair is Hot Off The Press. Not only does this dry spray protect from damage, but it will keep your beach waves bonfire or pool ready. Whatever is more realistic.

Last but not least is treatments. When your hair needs a little extra love, these are our go to's:

All three of these deep conditioning masques are perfect for maintaining the strength and moisture of your locks! Also, dropping by your nearest Paul Mitchell School or Salon for monthly treatments keeps your hair healthy and strong for the salon processes in the future. You may catch yourself thinking "...should I go back dark?" in just a few months anyways!

All photos of work above are done by Future Professionals at Paul Mitchell the School Dallas. All product photos are from Dog Image from

Written By: Jordan Niland

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