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Speed up your morning routine!

After a whole summer of sleeping in till past brunch time and going to bed way too late - waking up for school/work in the fall can leave your body (and beauty routine) dragging.

Once you have slept in for as long as you could get away with, you are left with 12 minutes to get ready and be in the car. If you catch yourself thinking "is anyone going to notice if I wear another topknot for the 4th day in a row?" - its time to simplify your mornings.

Here are our favorite tips and products for record-time beauty:

1. Waterless Shampoo
The lazy gals shower. If you just HAD to finish the latest Netflix binge session last night.. at 3am... this is your BFF. Our top pick is Dry Wash. It leaves your hair smelling and looking fresh as a daisy, with no build-up or white residue.
Quick Tip: Extend your blowout or curls for a day 2 wear! Spray 1-inch sections of roots with Dry Wash and finish by flipping your head upside down, spraying a little product on your ends or in your hands. Scrunch to distribute products and break up the curls. When you tip your head over, you will be left with a voluminous, root-boosted mane.


2. Twirl Around

If you love to start your day with a long shower (and maybe a shower nap) this ones for you. Rocking your natural curl or wave is best! No need to break out the blow dryer and smoothing iron for an hour-long bathroom salon session.
Quick Tip: While hair is still damp, squeeze excess water out with a microfiber or cotton towel. Use a detangling brush to release any tangles. Use a quarter size amount of Twirl Around and begin defining curls or waves using your fingers. Let air dry or diffuse using a rat tail comb to lift up sections of the hair to reduce frizz!


3. Express Gold Barrel 1.25"
The bigger the barrel, the looser the curl! Going for a bigger barreled iron in the morning can speed up timing and give you a beautiful wave!
Quick Tip: Clip 1 inch sections around the barrel, curl sections away from your face. Leave the last 1 1/2-2in of your hair out of the barrel. Let the hair cool, then use your fingers or detangling comb to break up the waves.

4. Tea Tree Soap
Speaking of shower nap... this tingling soap can put a little pep in your step! The tingling sensation energizes you and gets the blood flowing, so you are able to speed out the door in no time!
Quick Tip: Exfoliate and shave, all in one bar! This soap has little bits of dried parsley sprinkled throughout. Its perfect for exfoliating before shaving. The bar gives you a great lather between you and the blade.


5. Awapuhi Moisture Mist
Refresh your face and locks in the morning with this refreshing mist! Balance out moisture and add fantastic shine.
Quick Tip: Fringe looking funky in the morning? Mist them down with some of this and blow-dry as desired!

6. Taming Spray
You may have been sleeping soundly all night, but your hair looks like it just got back from an all-night party. Tangles don't stand a chance with this Bubble Gum scented spritz (yes, it smells amazing!).
Quick Tip: Mist down locks with the Taming Spray and use a detangling brush to comb through knots. Works great with kids and adults!


7. Sculpting Foam
Mousse is back ya'll! There are so many uses for this one product - we may just have to do a separate post about it. The scent alone (coconuts - yum) will have you dreaming of summer all year round.
Quick Tip: Looking to master the fashion-week-goer, slicked-back, am-I-Beyonce-yet style? While hair is dry, put a puff of Sculpting Foam into the fringe, crown and sides of your hair. Using your fingers, rake the hair back and away from your face. Use a fine comb or styling brush for a sleeker look. Smooth ends with an iron if need be.


8. Neuro Cell
Mousse isn't the only thing making a comeback! Hot rollers can be your best multi-tasking friend. The best thing about these rollers, is they tell you when they are ready to be taken out, something your mothers rollers probably couldn't do.
Quick Tip: If you only have time for a few rollers, do the top and sides of your hair. Place rollers up top, rolling the hair away from your face. Place the side rollers the same way. Let them cool while you get dressed, brush your teeth or put on your makeup. Spritz with hairspray and take the rollers out. Comb through your hair with your fingers.


And there you have it - hopefully these tips can save you a little time in the morning..at least until you can get the hang of this waking up early thing.

All photos from paulmitchell.com

Written By: PMTS Dallas

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