Moms Going After Their Dreams
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Moms Going After Their Dreams

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to give up your dreams of pursuing a career you love. Although being a mother is very rewarding and to most moms is one of the biggest accomplishments; some might still find themselves looking for opportunities to grow in a professional field. Making the effort to see your dreams come to life will be an example for your kids and it will serve as inspiration to them when they grow up.

Here are some ways to help you balance motherhood without leaving your career goals out of the equation:

Live Out Your Dream

If you’ve been contemplating a career in the Professional Beauty Industry, but fear it might take too much time away from the kids, then doing some research on how you can fit into your schedule some career training hours can help you.  Yes, it is possible to live out your dream of becoming a professional hairstylist, esthetician or makeup artist!

Say Yes to Go After The Career You Love  

It is okay to step away for a while from your mommy duties to pursue what’s in your heart. There’s no need to feel guilty! When your kids see you pursuing your career goals, it teaches them about determination and setting goals for themselves.

Get On A Schedule

We know your kids are on the top of your priority list, but does this list include you? Time management can help you fulfill quality time with kids while giving you guilt-free space for you to schedule in hours during their down time. If obtaining a license or certification is in your plans, then enrolling in night school could be your best choice. This allows your mornings to be free to spend it with your kids, take them to school and enjoy attending their extracurricular activities.  Use your nights to get your education, when they’ll most likely be sleeping. Cosmetology schools offer shorter programs and the flexibility of night classes that can help you complete the full program in a shorter amount of time.

Continue to browse for more information of our Cosmetology Evening Program or call us at 201-881-8190 to speak to one of our Admissions Leaders.  They will be happy to guide you on how to begin your part time education with us. A step closer to achieving your dreams. You go, mom!

Written By: Parisian Beauty Academy

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