Why Getting Your Hair Done At A Beauty School May Be Your Best Bet
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Why Getting Your Hair Done At A Beauty School May Be Your Best Bet

Let’s face it, we all want beautiful hair and visiting a hair salon as often as we would like can be costly. Here’s why getting your hair done at a beauty school can help you keep your budget on-track and your hair on point!

Affordable Prices

Possibly one of the best reasons to consider beauty schools to get your hair done is the money you’ll save! Most beauty schools have Clinic Classrooms where Senior Students (those with a Student Permit) perform services on friends, family and the general public (you!). This helps them get the practice they need and allows them to develop their skills to prepare them to be salon-ready upon graduation. Major Benefits to YOU: 1) Typically, services are priced much lower than a traditional salon; 2) Every service is consulted and supervised by a licensed instructor; 3) You are helping elevate someone’s education by simply being part of the process!

High Quality Products & Innovative Techniques

If you are lucky enough to find a professionally-branded beauty school, you’ve hit the jackpot!  

Typically, the school will exclusively use only their brand of products which means everything is high, professional quality from the shampoo & conditioner, to hair color to styling/finishing products. The school might also sell products and if so, it’s usually at a discounted price making it easy and economical to maintain your style!

If the school is branded you can count on the education covering both classic skills and innovative techniques. Professional brands understand that hair, like fashion, changes and updates on a regular basis. Much time and money is usually invested in developing up-to-date product to meet the time’s trends as well as educating their network of professionals and students with modern techniques for cuts, color and styling. This benefits them as Future Professionals and you as a guest!


Lastly, though not quite as glamorous as it is imperative, cleanliness and sanitation are a critical part of any salon or spa visit. Since beauty schools are governed by the state they must abide by all state rules and regulations on sanitation and disinfection and are usually hyper-diligent about their practices to ensure the environment, tools and equipment are within - or exceed - all health & safety requirements. You’ll feel comfortable knowing that the space you are in is really as clean as it looks!

Getting your hair done at a beauty school seems like a win-win for everyone involved – students and clients alike! If you are ready to give it a try and are in the Northern New Jersey area, Parisian Beauty Academy, A Paul Mitchell Partner School’s Clinic Classroom is open Monday-Saturday and offers day and evening hours. Check out their Guest Services Menu  then call 201-257-5956 to book your appointment.

Written By: Parisian Beauty Academy

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