The 7 Deadly Sins of Makeup
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The 7 Deadly Sins of Makeup

Lipstick, glitter, and blush, oh my! The world of makeup is a wonderful one, whether it’s filled with beauty, cover-up, or glamour. However no matter how fancy the foundation, or elaborate the eye shadow, nothing can beautify your face faster than avoiding the 7 deadly sins of makeup:

1. Unnatural eyebrows


Girl, drop your tweezers and your waxing pot and leave those brows alone! No one wants to look permanently surprised! Aim for a cleaned-up brow with a slight arch. Not a pencil-thin semi-circle in the middle of your forehead.  If you’re ever in a frenzy to get the perfect brow, thou shalt leave it to the professionals! 

2. Wearing all the makeup you own

Less is more, ladies! Yes, makeup is an exciting and beautiful part of our everyday routine, but don’t feel like you have to wear all of your makeup at the same time! Your face should look more like a face… and less like a paint palette.  

3. Sleeping with your makeup on

Looking for a way to make your skin age faster and harvest some icky acne? Go to sleep with your makeup on! It ain’t beauty sleep if your makeup is busy clogging your pores! For beautiful skin, always wash your face before you hit the pillow. 

4. Touching and/or picking at your face

Don’t let oil and dirt from your grubby hands reach your pretty face! Overcoming this bad habit will help combat blemishes, smeared makeup, and oil. 

5. Not matching your skin color

Foundation and concealer should never be an alternative to tanning! Nothing gives a fake tan away quicker than an orange face and white neck, ladies. Match before you wear! 

6. Skipping the sunscreen

Sunscreen shouldn’t be isolated to just beach days, ladies. Wearing SPF 30 on your face helps prevent aging, skin discolorations, blotchiness, and SKIN CANCER. To easily overcome this deadly sin, purchase moisturizing/foundation products with added SPF 30. 

7. Over-the-top nail art

Trust me. There are better ways to spend your time than mastering the perfect Despicable Me minion on your thumbnail. Nails should be clean and free of cartoons, distracting designs, and 3D gems. However this sin may be forgiven on Halloween. 


And purge your makeup bag and face of beauty transgression. 

Onward with thy beauty! 

Written By: Paul Mitchell Schools, Jessica Doucette

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