How Often do I REALLY Need to Trim My Hair?

August 17, 2016
Paul Mitchell Schools

Getting a trim means freeing yourself from split ends, sprucing up your style, and basically giving you an over-all more polished look. But if you’ve ever tried to grow out your hair you are all too familiar with that looming hesitation that comes when your hairdresser says, “Would you like a trim today?”

It turns out that regular trims actually help grow out hair faster by preventing additional breakage, thus avoiding a much more traumatic chop later on to restore healthy ends. That said, hair grows about a quarter to a half inch per month, so getting a trim every week isn’t going to get you anywhere in the length department. But how often do you really need to trim your hair? The answer will depend on your hair, hair goals (and goalz), and your current routine. For your perfect trim guideline, keep reading!

Short Hair

If you are sporting a pixie cut, bob, or otherwise structured cut and want to keep it that way, you’ll want to get a trim every four to six weeks. The shorter your hair is the more noticeable growth will be. To maintain that style, you’ll want to get it trimmed often. If, however, you have short hair and are ready to grow it out, wait four to six months before going back for a trim. After that aim for a trim every six to twelve weeks.


If you have bangs that you want to maintain, trim them every three weeks to keep them looking polished and at a socially acceptable length.

Medium – Long Hair

If you have medium to long hair, the new hair from your roots has made quite the journey! Because of that, your hair is going to be more fragile. To maintain your length, aim for a trim every eight to ten weeks. If you are trying to grow your hair longer, you can get away with trimming your hair every 12 to 16 weeks. This however, is completely dependent on how healthy your hair is. If you have very healthy hair and the ends look good, you can get away with a trim three or four times a year. Keep in mind that if you have layers or a particular style you want to maintain, it will be completely grown out in about three months.

Damaged Hair

If you undergo a lot of chemical treatments, coloring, or heat styling you will need to get a trim every four to eight weeks. If, despite lots of babying, you are simply prone to split ends or have very fine hair you may just have to suck it up and get a trim every eight weeks.

When to trim your hair is personal despite these recommendations. A good rule to follow is to assess your ends every few weeks. If there is visible damage, or you aren’t happy with the style, it’s time for a cut! And if you want to trim less often, take care of your hair. Avoiding damage means avoiding the scissors for a longer period of time!

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