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Awe inspiring - is the only way to describe Charlie Engel’s life, but the story is more than just running. It is about facing demons, overcoming impossible odds, keeping your sense of humor and discovering the redemptive power of putting one foot in front of the other, even when you feel like you can’t keep going.

Charlie’s motivation to run and tackle extreme adventures stems from his battle with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Charlie has been in recovery since July 23, 1992, and he credits a large part of his recovery to the purposeful devotion and emotional release he experiences while running. He has said that “Drugs and alcohol were my way out. Running was my way through.”

Even more inspiring than his triumph over challenges, is his determination to serve.  During this great African expedition Charlie discovered  a way to help.  Raising over 6 million for clean water projects in Africa and helped to establish Water.org – one of the largest water nonprofit in the world. 

Sign up to join us for this complimentary virtual event and take a trek as we follow Charlies incredible journey April 21 at 6pm or April 22 at 10:30am.   

@charlieengle  #englerunningman

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