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Meet some of the team members who make Paul Mitchell The School Modesto so special.

Hooman Safavi


Hooman Safavi has been a business owner for 26 years. He worked primarily in the wholesale business having owned chains of stores. Early in his career, he invested with a construction company that moved more than 6.1 million cubic feet of dirt, and he owned the Northern California distributorship for Bon Apetit, a company that manufactures pre-wrapped pastries. All of those businesses averaged an impressive annual growth. Fluent in both English and Farsi, Hooman earned an associate degree in science from Vincennes Indiana College and a bachelor’s degree in business from Indiana University. With his broad background as a business owner, he specializes in distribution, retail, and the financial aspects of business. Basically, all businesses function in the same blueprint, he says. The product may vary, but the financial, growth and infrastructure aspects remain the same. Hooman attributes his success as a business owner to an understanding of human skills. I grew up practicing martial arts and living on three different continents (Asia, Europe, and America), he says. Having a different cultural background as well as the discipline and philosophy of martial arts gave me a strong understanding of social skills. I know how to let people contribute to the operation and the business. I interact with staff management, bringing all the energy to one point and letting everyone grow in a clear and open environment. .

Rosemary Safavi


Rosemary Safavi earned her cosmetology license and cosmetology instructor licenses after attending Lyle's College of Beauty in Fresno, California. She taught at Lyle's for four years (1979-1982), instructing up to 70 students in a single freshman class. Within a year and a half, she was promoted to Regional Director of five schools and helped write the curriculum for the first school in the San Joaquin Valley to feature an esthetics program.

In 2001 she joined John Paul Mitchell Systems as a Regional Color Coordinator, responsible for increasing sales by opening new color accounts and expanding the color business of existing accounts. She completed her Paul Mitchell duties, holding the title as Vice President of Latin America where she assisted in building strong educational, sales support teams.

Living beautifully to Rosemary is being healthy, family time, and yoga .

Amanda Guy

Service Desk Coordinator

1) My Name is Amanda Guy.

2) I have been licensed for almost two years.  I have worked in two different salons; Mosaic Salon & Unique Hair Design.  I am certified to do Eyelash Extensions, 8 Different Methods of Hair Extensions, Advanced Nail Art, 3D Nail Art, Trending Tour Makeup and Airbrush Makeup.

3) I am a Paul Mitchell Graduate and during my time in school I was on Design Team.  I went to Caper and I also did special effects makeup for Stagg High Schools every 15 mins.

4) I have many mentors in the beauty industry.  One of my favorites is Robert Cromeans.  His artistry, business strategy, and charisma has made him legendary as a stylist.  He owns a highly successful salon and he's the Global Artistic Director for John Paul Mitchell Systems.

5)My favorite thing about working at Paul Mitchell the School Modesto is the culture.  Education is viewed as fun and at the same time you give back to the community.

6)To me, living beautifully means living with passion.  Doing what makes you most excited and passionate.  That means you are living a full life.

Patricia Quintor

Manicurist Leader
1. Patricia Quintor
2. I have one year experience in Eduaction
3. I have 29 years in the beauty industry 
4. I am not a Paul Mitchell graduate
5. The person that has inspired me is my Father
6. My favorite thing about working at Paul Mitchell The School of Modesto is teaching the Future Professionals there craft! 
7. To me living beautifully means living life to the fullest and being kind to others. 

Jenee Beza

Financial Aid Assistant

Jenee Beza brings an administration background to Paul Mitchell. She enjoys utilizing her problen soliving skills for each future professional seeking excellence. One of Jenee's mentors states, "You don't decide what your purpose is in life you discover it. Your purpose is your reason for living." -Bob Proctor. Living beautifully to Jenee is maintaining balance while fulfilling her purpose.

Ricki Resendez

Front Desk Coordinator

Ricki has zero years experience in the teaching industry, although she does have four years  experience in the customer service industry. She has hands on training with customers and also training when it comes to talking on the phone with customers as well. Ricki has a passion for Make Up, she has been doing it on herself for years now but it has been a part of her job now for 3 years. The industry icon that inspires her is Sephora they are incorporated with so many high end brands and even the newer up and coming professionals. Ricki has not attended a professional school for what she has a passion for. What makes Ricki special/interesting is that she is extremely friendly, and she always has a positive attitude and is willing to help anyone even if she has tasks to complete on her own. Ricki is a really quick learner and is always willing to learn anything new that comes her way.

Amanda Perez

Social Media Leader, Paul Mitchell The School Modesto graduate

Experience in education…

I'm a Cosmetology Paul Mitchell Graduate of Paul Mitchell the School Modesto .


Experience in the beauty industry…

I entered the beauty industry in September, 2016 and work as the Social Media Team Leader. 


My mentor, or the person who has most inspired me is…

My aunt Debbie, who came from a difficult background and became the strong, independent business woman she is today.


My favorite thing about working at Paul Mitchell The School Modesto is…

How the staff are close to each other like a second family. Also, the positivity.


To me, living beautifully means…

Being happy and healthy.

Veronica Martinez

Barbering Learning Leader

Experience in education…

I have three years of experience in education.


Experience in the beauty industry…

I’ve been a cosmetologist since 2010 and a barber for almost two years.


My mentor, or the person who has most inspired me is…

Angel Martinez.


My favorite thing about working at Paul Mitchell The School Modesto is…

The culture and atmosphere.


To me, living beautifully means…

Making time for the people and things that make you happy.

Erika Mendoza

Barbering Learning Leader

Experience in the beauty industry…

I have 18 years' experience as a cosmetologist with a crossover to barbering.


My mentor, or the person who has most inspired me is…

A few of the icons in this industry that have inspired me are Robert Cromeans, Takashi, Stephanie Kocielski, and Dave Diggs.

Chloe Arnold

Front Desk Reservationist

Experience in the beauty industry....

 Chloe has worked at Ulta Beauty fro two years. In that time she obtained knowlege on the different skin and hair types. She learned about products and recommended the ones best suitable for each individual and the different regiments they can use. 

My Mentor, or the person that has most inspired me...

 Chloe's biggest supporters are her parents. They have showed her that no matter what life throws at you or what the circumstances are, you can do whatever you want in life. She was told that you can accomplish whatever you have your heart and mind set on. 

My Favorite thing working at Paul Mitchell the School Modesto is...

 The culture, fun enviorment, and how welcoming everyone is as you walk through the door, is what drew chloe to Paul Mitchell. 

To me, living beautifully means...

 "a person feels beautiful in their own skin. A person expresses themselves the way they do their hair, make-up, and also the way they dress. To me, this shows the beauty in every person."

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