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Black Friday- Why Do Stylists Wear Black?

Think about every salon you have ever been to. How would you describe the attire of the stylists who worked there?

In case you’ve never noticed, head-to-toe black dress is the attire of choice for beauty stylists everywhere. But why?

The answer is actually surprisingly simple, but we thought of a few other reasons why black is actually the best color to wear.

What’s the REAL reason?

The real reason (at least as far as we can tell) is because black is dark and so stains from hair color and other chemicals except for bleach don’t really show up. That's right, the reason is far more practical than it is mysterious, but that doesn't mean that you can't have a little fun with it!

Other Benefits of Black Uniforms:

Always in Style

No matter how hard we try, black will just never go out of style. It is sleek, neutral, and sophisticated.

Super Easy

Stores never run out of black clothing, and stylists don’t necessarily have to wear the same outfit, just the same color. So, maybe you don’t find the stunning pencil skirt that you fell in love with but there is likely to be something that you like and feel comfortable in regardless of where you shop.

High Contrast

This isn’t so much a uniform benefit but most salons will utilize black or very dark capes with light haired clients in order to create a line of contrast.

It allows the client and stylist to see exactly where the neckline will sit and what the layers will look like.

Maybe it isn’t the biggest secret in the beauty industry, but it is a fun part of the culture that makes makes this industry so fun to be a part of. Do you have a cute uniform black that you want to show off? Show us on Instagram by tagging Paul Mitchell the School Normal (@pmtsnormal).

Learn more about our programs and see what inspires you to suit up in black. Need more inspiration? Look at our Pinterest board "Black Out" and start planning your fierce ideas.

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Written By: PMTS Normal

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