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Should You Consider a Career Move?

Did you make a resolution to make a change in 2016? If you’re like most of the country then you probably did, except you have something that those people don’t-Paul Mitchell the School Normal.

We pride ourselves on guiding students through their education and into stable, satisfying and happy careers.

Make good on your resolution to change your life for the better, see if it’s time to make a career change.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then schedule an appointment with an admissions counselor today!

Have You Reached Your Maximum Potential?

Wanting to make progress is normal, but in many jobs there comes a point where there isn’t any further to go. Working as a stylist or in the industry at all means that there is ALWAYS room to move up.

Is It Time for Something New?

Maybe there isn’t anything wrong with your job at all, in fact maybe you’re so used to it that now you become bored. Don’t spend time doing work that doesn’t challenge or satisfy you, pursue a career that will make you happy.

Does Work Give You Anxiety?

Dread, panic, or general discomfort are all signs of anxiety. If you’re experiencing any of this or something similar then it is likely time to move on. You deserve to work somewhere that makes you feel happy and safe at all times.

Cosmetologists are reported to be some of the happiest employees, you could be one of them.

Have You Burned Out?

Sometimes, not all of the passion in the world can motivate you to do something. If you’re feeling that pang of utter exhaustion at work, it is definitely time to transition to something different. The beauty industry is exciting, and full of new things which is just the remedy for the burnout blues.

Did You Answer Yes?

If you answered yes then it is time for you to change careers. Paul Mitchell the School Normal is the place to start your new career journey, we offcer flexible scheduling and financial assistanceto those who qualify. Click hereto get more information about our programs!

Written By: PMTS Normal

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