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Six Reasons to Consider a Career in Cosmetology

Paul Mitchell the School Normal takes a hands-on approach to every aspect of preparing our students for professional life after graduation. With small class sizes, and the most up-to-date curriculum we want students to succeed. Learn about some other great reasons to become a cosmetologist at Paul Mitchell.

1. Learn to Communicate With Everyone

Paul Mitchell Schools are unique with respect to our curriculum and atmosphere. We pride ourselves on our people-first approach, and our “Be Nice or Else” mantra. Regardless of the niche, service is service. It is vital that our students learn the importance of dealing and communicating with people as their primary objective. It begins in the classroom, where students learn first to collaborate with and trust one another, while gathering the skills to work with clients.

2. Make Your Own Decisions

Much like any other career field, there are some aspects to being a stylist that are universal. For instance, the Tuesday through Saturday work week and the tendency to carry a color wheel around with you. But, there are other aspects that are more “you-focused”:

Personal Expression

Obviously there is a chance that you will find a job somewhere with a strict dress code, but for the most part your personal style is an example of the quality of work that you do. Talk about dressing for the job you want, right? Be in control of your image and the way that people see your professional persona.

Speaking of professional personas, the interaction you get with your clients is most of the fun. The stories you hear, and the bonds that you make, are absolutely unforgettable. We can’t forget, this industry exists to make people happy, and as a cosmetologist you get to be a part of that.

3. Business Education

At Paul Mitchell the School Normal, you not only master the technical skills needed to be a good stylist, but the life skills you need to be a successful employee, leader, entrepreneur, etc.- the list goes on, and on. A Paul Mitchell education prepares you for any and all paths you could follow after school. Additionally, there is no shortage of advancement opportunity at Paul Mitchell, with options ranging from student government, to sponsored competitions, to specialized groups focused on increasing specific skills.

4. Community

At Paul Mitchell, you’re more than a student in a classroom; you’re family. The opportunity to network and interact with people in the industry gives students a leg-up on their competitors. The Paul Mitchell name is well respected for quality and consistency, and our students are sought by employers for the same reasons.

5. Career Gratification and Uncapped Potential

Paul Mitchell is famous for their job placement rates. We take special care to establish and maintain relationships with salons everywhere, so when there are openings available our students are some of the first to know.

Cosmetology, or anything in the beauty industry, is a career path that allows you to see your potential before you even start working. Hands-on training and intensive guidance provide for an experience where students are interacting with clients and establishing their own clients.

6. Job Security

Many students choose cosmetology because it is the first step in their dream of opening their own salon. For others, beauty school is a doorway to other industries such as fashion or health and wellness. Paul Mitchell the School can make it happen by providing a thorough business and cosmetology training.

Obtaining a cosmetology license is a demonstration of commitment and work ethic, and though it may not be directly related to another field you might be interested in, it does show prospective employers that you’re able to dedicated to completing what you begin.

There are many things to consider when making a big change, speak with an admissions representative to make sure all of your questions are answered.

Call us or drop by to schedule an appointment, (309)-451-0400 | Salon Services: (309)-862-3400 1503 E. College Ave. Suite L Normal, ILLINOIS 61761

Written By: PMTS Normal

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