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Nail Technology

Successful nail artists are creative people with an outstanding sense of design and masterful technical abilities. They’re also savvy businesspeople who keep up with industry trends, treat their clients to the best possible service, and know how to market and manage their business. From creativity to product knowledge to new advances in nail enhancement, our program gives you every element of the skillset you’ll need for professional success as a nail technician.

Technical Areas Covered Include:

  • Basic manicure
  • Pedicures
  • Hand and foot massage
  • Artificial nails and tips
  • Gel manicures
  • Nail art
  • Retail skills
  • Client record keeping
  • Business ethics
  • Personal motivation and development
  • State laws and regulations

Student Kit

One of the most exciting days for our Future Professionals is the day they get to unwrap their very own professional kit. It’s packed with all the essentials—professional manicure and pedicure tools, nail enhancement tools, and much more—so you’re ready to succeed in school and launch your dream career.

IPad Included!

When you have the latest technology and resources at your fingertips, you'll be more successful in school and in your career. That's why every Future Professional at Paul Mitchell The School Portland receives an iPad with their student kit, giving them on-the-go access to schoolwork, career advice from industry leaders, and much more.

How Much Will It Cost?

School Supplies, Kit, And Tuition Costs

Tuition: $5,625.00

Application Fee (nonrefundable): $50.00

Enrollment Fee: $100.00

Kit and Supplies (nonrefundable): $500.00

Textbooks (nonrefundable): 450.00

How long will it take?

School Required Hours

Commitment to Complete Program: 600 hours

When can I get Started?

Class Start Dates

  • 6-27-2017 - Nail Technology (Daytime)
  • 8-29-2017 - Nail Technology (Daytime)
  • 10-31-2017 - Nail Technology (Daytime)

Student Educational Materials

  • 1 Nail Bag
  • 1 Tip Tray Case
  • 1 Bottle (8 oz) 70% Alcohol
  • 1 Bottle (8 oz) Cuticle Softener
  • 1 (3.4 oz) Clear Acrylic Powder
  • 1 (3.4 oz) White Acrylic Powder
  • 1 Small Spray Bottle
  • 1 Face Mask
  • 1 (.5 oz) Hong Kong Girl Intense Top Coat
  • 1 German Kolinsky #10 Acrylic Brush
  • 2 Orangewood Sticks
  • 3 Sheets of Pre-Cut Silk Fingers
  • 1 Two-Way Buffer
  • 1 Nail Scrub Brush
  • 3 Dappen Dishes
  • 3 Dappen Dish Lids
  • 1 (.5 oz) Out-The-Door Top Coat
  • 1 (.5 oz) Hong Kong Girl Light Top Coat
  • 5 Inch Jaw Cuticle Nipper
  • 1 Large Nail Clipper
  • 1 Spray Nozzle
  • 1 (.5 oz) Builder Resin
  • 1 Extender Nozzle
  • 1 Softeze Nail Buffer
  • 1 (1200 pcs.) 12-Color Rhinestones
  • 1 Deluxe Practice Hand
  • Tips (0-10) (SO tips per number)
  • 1 Bottle (8 oz) Lotion
  • 1 Bottle (8 oz) Liquid Monomer
  • 1 (3.4 oz) Pink/Clear Mix Acrylic Powder
  • 1 (.5 oz) Bottle of Nail Primer
  • 1 Finger Bowl
  • 1 Pack Toe Separators
  • 1 French Tip Brush with Marbling Tool
  • 15 Competitive Edge Nail Forms
  • 2 Abrasive Files
  • 2 Medium Grit Buffers
  • 1 Pedicure Paddle
  • 1 Tip and Acrylic Clipper
  • 1 (.5 oz) Base Coat
  • 3 Glue Sticks
  • 6 (.5 oz) Nail Polishes
  • 1 Pair Fabric Scissors
  • 1 (1 oz) Spray Activator
  • 1 (.5 oz) Bottle Resin
  • 1 Yard of Self-Adhesive Fiberglass
  • 1 (20 Pack) Timeless Natural Tips
  • 1 Bottle of Cuticle Oil
  • 1 Nail Art Wheel


Required Textbooks

  • Milady’s Standard Nail Technology Textbook, ISBN 1-4354-9768-6 (Soft), $187.65
  • Milady’s Standard Nail Technology Student Workbook, ISBN 1-4354-9764-3, $162.35
  •  Milady’s Standard Nail Technology Exam Review,  ISBN 1-4354-9763-5, $100.00

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Scholarships And Financial Aid

Curious about your future as a nail technician? Get information about tuition, financial aid, scholarships, and more from our helpful Portland Nail Technology team members.

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