Hello to our amazing community,

Paul Mitchell The School Rhode Island will have our clinic classroom closed to the general public as we continue to follow Shelter in Place mandated by the State of Rhode Island. We will re-open the clinic classroom once the State of Rhode Island allows us to do so.

Although our clinic classroom is closed to the public at this time, we continue to operate our educational division to support our Future Professionals in their career goals.  In fact, we are one of few cosmetology schools to offer this continuance of education in the area.

If you are a Prospective Future Professional interested in enrolling at Paul Mitchell The School Rhode Island, our Admissions Leader, Heidi Medeiros, and Financial Aid Leader, Nikki Oliviera-Roy, will be available Monday – Friday via text, email, and phone.  They are happy to answer your questions and schedule a Virtual Campus Tour through Zoom!

Text Only: 401.267.4646
Phone: Outbound calls only at this time.

We want to remind everyone that this continues to be the time for everyone to step up and behave responsibly in their hygiene, social distancing, personal contact and travel.  Please follow the guidelines as outlined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and other government entities. Our efforts can become one small step in helping to flatten the curve and spreading of this virus.

We will all get through this together.

Paul Mitchell the School Rhode Island has also implemented the following sanitary measures for our Future Professionals:

  • All team members and Future Professionals should wear a protective mouth- and nose-covering mask and gloves while performing services.
  • Employees/students should arrive at the salon/school showered and in clean, protective clothing and closed-toed shoes.
  • Employees/students should change and launder clothing and shower after their work/school day.
  • Gloves should be disposed of in the trash following each service.
  • Hands must be washed after removing gloves.
  • Temperatures should be taken with a touch-less, infrared thermometer, twice. Anyone who has over a 99.5-degree temperature should be refused for services and/or working that day.
  • Added touchless, automatic hand sanitizer dispensers and tissue dispensers throughout the building.
  • Ensure employee and student break rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and not used for congregating.
  • All trash cans must have a closable lid and be labeled “Trash.”
  • Monitor the air quality in the school.
  • Ensure ventilation systems are clean and unobstructed, and replace filters regularly.
Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you again soon.



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