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frequently asked questions

Choosing a school is a big decision, but don’t worry–we’re here to help! Check out our FAQ below, and if you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact a school near you and one of our admissions counselors will be happy to help you.

Will I get to learn about other product lines?

We are a Paul Mitchell School, so we focus exclusively on Paul Mitchell products. We do welcome everyone (from any product line or salon) to be a guest artist and build upon your Paul Mitchell education. We welcome visitors, classes, and guest artists from everywhere in the industry.

Will I meet national guest artists?

Yes, salon owners and guest artists love to spend time with our Future Professionals at the school. They also love to hire our graduates and enjoy teaching their specialties in our classes.

Will you help me find a job when I graduate?

You meet so many incredible guest artists, salon owners, and industry professionals at our school that by the time you graduate, most of our graduates know exactly where they’re going. You’ll have a lot of opportunities to network and decide where you’d like to be! We provide placement assistance, but we can not guarantee job placement.

Do you provide housing?

We do not offer formal housing through our schools. We are here to help you in any way that we can with housing. We can provide you with a list of Web sites for housing in the area.

How difficult are the tests and classes?

You will need to take written tests, yet we will also offer you many different ways to learn the information. We teach with hands-on training, demonstrations, visuals, and activities, as well as traditional book materials.

Will you prepare me for the business side of the beauty industry?

We have an entire course program called Professional Development, in which we prepare you for salon success and business and give you successful strategies for your career.

Check out the NACCAS Job Demand Survey from 2007

I struggled in high school. Will I be able to do this?

The thing that we love about this industry is that it's about creativity more than anything else. If you have special concerns about testing, reading, etc., we can speak with our Education Leader to assist you in coming up with a plan to succeed.

May I have a special schedule to attend school?

We really encourage you to follow our schedule through day school or night school. The reason behind this is that we want you to absorb everything you can while you're here. If you had to miss any classes, training, etc., it could have a long-term effect on your career.

If I start attending day school, can I later switch to night school?

We would look at your standing in school, your availability, etc., and we make sure you get an amazing education regardless of whether you attend day or night school.

May I transfer from another school?

We welcome transfer students and we need to make sure that you are currently in good standing, you have resolved financial commitments to your previous schools, and we have availability.

May we work on our family?

Yes, of course! Your family is welcome to come in during our open clinic floor classroom hours. We'd love to meet them!

What cutting system do you teach?

You will learn our Paul Mitchell cutting system through our Core Cutting Program, which we are so proud of. You will learn through a cool, interactive DVD system that you will love and will build your confidence in haircutting.

What do you provide in the student kit?

Our student kit includes the theory textbook; Connecting to My Future: A Learning and Planning Guide for Salon Professionals; the CORE Cutting Student Learning Guide; CORE Cutting Skill and Product Recipe Cards; and CORE Cutting Diagramming System and Pad, our learner's tools featuring the Core Cutting System, with the option of Be Nice (Or Else!), the text of the Be Nice culture. We also offer a skin care kit.

Are you closed during the holidays?

We close only on the major holidays, please check our catalog!

What if I graduate in your state, then move to another state?

Every state has its own requirements for licensing. We will be happy to help you to research what you will need to become licensed anywhere in the world!

What if I need time off?

We have a calendar of days and times when you may miss school. We strongly encourage you to maintain good attendance and really devote yourself to school, so you get the most out of every day!

All of our schools use the same curriculum, culture and systems, training and career paths for Learning Leaders, and marketing. The only difference is in the ownership. The Corporate Schools are owned by a group that includes co-founders John Paul DeJoria and Winn Claybaugh. The Partner Schools are independently owned and operated.

When do I practice on a real person?

You will spend the first six weeks in our Core program, when you will learn and practice on mannequin heads. After the six weeks, we test you to make sure you are ready and then you will begin the Adaptive course, in which you take guests and attend class each day.

Who are the guests?

We have both request and walk-in guests, who require services from your course of study. We encourage you to build a clientele with your family, friends, and return guests. We have a program to help you to learn how to build a clientele.
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