The Voices of Tomorrow: Our Future Professionals Tell All

November 12, 2020
Shanel Maurer
photo of a student with blonde hair standing in front of a wall filled with pmts columbus logos

Say hello to our Future Professional @lavishlooksbylexy 👋 Lexy recently started our Cosmetology Program and is apart of Core 105. We wanted to interview Lexy to discover her why and her passion for the beauty industry here is what she had to say:


What made you choose Paul Mitchell The School Columbus?

“I choose Paul Mitchell for their core values, talent, and reputation for being one of the premier schools. Waking up every morning and going to school, has been such a positive experience for me. I am surrounded by supportive and talented people that push me to be the best.”

Did you have any challenges when trying to pursue your beauty career?

“I think the biggest challenge for me is leaving my home town right outside of Pittsburg, PA, and moving to Columbus. I was so scared of not knowing anyone and how I would feel about cosmetology school. Right away I knew I had made the right decision. I’m beyond grateful for this experience and have loved every minute of my schooling and the Columbus area.”

"I am surrounded by supportive and talented people that push me to be the best."

Why did you choose the beauty industry?

“I chose the beauty industry because I’ve always had such a passion to make people feel good about themselves, to help boost their confidence, and to build connections with people! I love all areas of the beauty industry and want to work hard and eventually own my own spa.”

What is your favorite service to perform?

“My favorite service to do is definitely makeup and skincare but I’ve been really enjoying learning about hair and I absolutely love it. I’m also extremely excited to get licensed in eyelash extensions!”

Follow Lexy on her Cosmetology journey by following her beauty professional Instagram page – @LavishLooksByLexy

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