The Benefits of a Paul Mitchell Education

January 5, 2017
Arron Marshall

Paul Mitchell The School has over 100+ locations nation wide. A benefit of attending a Paul Mitchell School is our cutting edge education system.

First, the Paul Mitchell Systems is structured. This is beneficial as our Future Professionals will be learning the same techniques in South Carolina as they are in California. It is not solely based upon the experience of the hired instructor. There is a system to follow, which in turn gives YOU more bang for your dollar.

Second, we believe that education is an adventure and the learning experience needs to be fun! The beauty industry is filled with creativity and hands on experiences. Many people are visual learners, yet most schools spend a lot of time teaching out of books. NOT US! Paul Mitchell gets students up and out of their chairs, working with their hands the first week of class!

By using a range of videos, live demonstrations, lectures and even music, each Future Professional has the opportunity to learn how they learn best. Thus making the learning experience more fun.

A Paul Mitchell education goes far beyond the skill set you will need in order to enter into the beauty industry. It is designed to help discover career goals and what skills are needed to achieve those goals. This also includes building fundamental business knowledge, networking, and future job placement.

Our education system is set up in a way that ANYONE who is PASSIONATE about the beauty industry has the opportunity to grow and develop his or her skills!

Thinking about a career in cosmetology? To discover more about how we teach and to experience it for your self, call 405-928- 5200 and ask to speak with the Admissions Office!

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