Unknown Facts About Cosmetology

September 8, 2016
Arron Marshall

Do you know that the term “Cosmetology” was derived from the Roman word ”cosmetae”? It refers to the servants who were responsible for applying cosmetic products and perfumes to wealthy Roman women. The cosmetology training has evolved a lot since the ancient times. Some of these facts that you might not have known is given here,

  • It is a big field

Cosmetology is a lot more than makeup and hair coloring. The students of a cosmetology school such as image-norman beauty school, has intense training on fancy braids, nail arts, luxury manis and pedis too.

If you join a cosmetology school, you could prefer to specialize in formal event makeup or focus on skin care and facials. Students who aren’t interested in them could opt for hairstyle and hair curling etc.

  • Cosmetology school trains you a lot

Barber school would provide exclusive courses on works related to hair. Esthetician and nail technology prepares you on nail arts and skin, but not hair. However, when you graduate from a cosmetology school, you would be ready to deal with hair style as well as nail arts etc.

  • You can finish the training in a year

If you work really hard and take the courses full-time, you would be able to complete the training within a year.

  • Chemistry within cosmetology

If you are good at chemistry, you would be glad to know that it is an essential part of the cosmetology program. Chemistry is in your hair, hair color, relaxers and make up. It is important to understand that science and beauty has to work together in cosmetology.

Everyone is beautiful; the role of cosmetologist is to make everyone see it.

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