Two Products That Will Change Your Life This Summer!

July 21, 2021
Megan Harris
Products & Tools

With summer in full force, swimming is a must, but the constant chemicals and chlorine can damage your hair. Two products that our Future Professionals have been recommending to our guests this summer are the Paul Mitchell clarifying shampoos. 

At Paul Mitchell The School Richland, we teach our Future Professionals in depth product knowledge. The product knowledge that we teach instills confidence in our Future Professionals to be able to properly use products for all hair types. Ingredient breakdown, product benefits, and retail skills are all ways we teach product knowledge. 

So what is a clarifying shampoo? How do I know which clarifying shampoo to use? How do I use a clarifying shampoo? Can I use clarifying shampoos if I color my hair? Continue reading and we will answer all of your questions!

What is a clarifying shampoo?

Clarifying shampoos are formulated to help remove product build up, excess oil, and chemicals from your hair. Clarifying shampoos can help purify your hair, create volume, and can even help prepare your hair for color. 

How do I know which clarifying shampoo to use?

Do you ever notice a green tint in your hair after swimming or you can feel the products you have been using in your hair for the past month even after washing with your normal shampoo?

Clarifying shampoos are great for deep cleaning your hair. Our Paul Mitchell Line has two different clarifying shampoos. Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two is great for people with oily hair. This shampoo helps remove excess oil and product buildup leaving your hair clean and full of shine.

Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three is especially great for swimmers. This shampoo helps remove chlorine, iron, and minerals that can give your hair a greenish tint.

two shampoo bottles

How do you use a clarifying shampoo?

Washing with a clarifying shampoo is just like using any other shampoo. 

  • Concentrate the shampoo at the top of your head, where most of the buildup occurs. 
  • Let the shampoo sit for a few minutes so the clarifying formula is able to break down the excess product residue.
  • Rinse well and follow up with a hydrating conditioner. 

Is it safe to use a clarifying shampoo on color treated hair?

Yes! It is safe to use a clarifying shampoo on color treated hair. We just recommend not to use it within the first week of color application so it doesn’t fade your color faster. 

Learn more about Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoos here:


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