15 Reasons Why Dreadlocks Are Beautiful
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15 Reasons Why Dreadlocks Are Beautiful

From voluminous braids, to elegant updo’s, dreadlocks aren’t just matted, backcombed strands of hair, but beautiful strands designed into elegant, full-bodied hairstyles.  Here are our 15 reasons to get your hair dreaded by spring!

1. Pacific Braids

With dreadlocks, you are able to craft the perfectly intricate messy braid. No need to worry about adding extra braids or teasing your hair to get the full-body effect, dreads will pump up the volume, and act as the perfect accessory at the beach.

2. Trendy Texture

Nothing looks better with dreads than a little bit of texture. Add feathers, yarn, and beads to complete your knotted hairstyle, and make it uniquely yours.

3. Neat and Chic

If a heavily-teased-and-tangled hairstyle isn’t for you, ditch the feathers and plaited hairstyles. Take good care of your dreadlocks, and you can have these neatly chic strands like this woman above. 

4. Weaved Updo

For an elegant and timeless UpDo, dreadlocks are what you should look to! This weaved, bodacious bun can only be accomplished with thick, very long dreadlocks. 

5. Knotted Ends

Who said your dreadlocks had to knot from root to tip? Leave some wiggle room at the root, only dreading the ends, for a hairstyle that is just a little bit more manageable.  

6. Full-Body Ponytails

Girl look at that body! For a thick-and-full sexy messy ponytail, tie up your locks, and dread up the ends. Instant body. 

7. Technicolor Tresses

Dreads aren’t just a lifestyle or a hairstyle, it’s a work of art! Add some color to your life and dye your knots with Inkworks, and add a few beads to be truly one-of-a-kind.

8. Aged Beauty

Who said this hairstyle was only for the youth? Reach grace and fabulousity with these knee-length, flawless dreadlocks.

9. The Beehive, Revisited

How beautiful would it be to bring this 60’s hairstyle back into fashion? With dreadlocks weaved and piled on top of her head, this look is both elegant, and low maintenance. 

10. Two-Toned Tresses

Too add even more depth and dimension to this hairstyle, add a lighter tone to a few of your locks. The two-toned effect is trendy and gorgeous. 

11. Elegant Locks

With dreadlocks, you can swiftly pile your hair on the top of your head, and be the apple of everyone’s eye! 

12. Perfect For Accessorizing

Beads, feathers, charms, and wraps, dreadlocks give you the freedom to accessorize your strands with just about anything. 

13. Folk Band Heartthrob

What’s a dreamy member of a folk band with out a couple of dreaded locks? If you’re looking to pick up a banjo, or write a couple of sleepy lyrics, you have to have the dreads to match!

14. Half-Up Man-Bun

We couldn’t have a dreadlock blog without a man-bun now could we? For the ultimate man-bun, opt for some well-kept dreads. 

15. People With Dreads Are Just So Happy

Lastly, individuals with dreadlocks are just so happy. I mean look at this man? Nothing can bring him down.

Written By: Paul Mitchell Schools, Jessica Doucette

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