From new hair products and style trends to guest artist profiles, we have expert tips to keep you on the cutting edge and lookin’ good.

Financial Aid 101

Excited to start your education, but worried about tuition? We’re here to help!

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Mykah's Story: One Size Fits All

Meet Mykah, a Future Professional at PMTS Boise

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5 Reasons to Choose Paul Mitchell The School Nampa

There are so many options for schooling today, and making the right choice can get overwhelming.

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How To Style Perfect Flat Iron Curls

Looking to achieve flawless flat iron curls? We have the perfect tool for you.

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7 Steps to Perfect Brows

Learn these easy tips to keep your brows looking great!

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Surviving the Virus and Reinventing Our School

Continuing our journey with distance education.

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How Your Water Silently is Damaging Your Hair

There’s still something that’s causing damage to your hair that you’ve probably never thought o

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Beginner Basics: How to Apply Eye Shadow Like a Pro

Here are a few tips for eye shadow beginners that will have you on the road to “pro” in no time!

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