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Take a moment to get to know a few extraordinary Paul Mitchell The School Houston alumni. Their stories speak to the power of dreaming big and getting a great education.

Amore Monet

Amore Monet

Amore Monet

Makeup and Hair for Productions & Salon Owner

Paul Mitchell the School- Houston

2013 Graduate


Phase Two Future Professional

Owner of Amore Monet Artistry | Hair/Makeup Feautured in Playboy Magazines | Kids Choice Awards |Life Flight

Produced her own lipstick line 

What are your greatest accomplishments?

Some of my greatest accomplishments have been bringing Future Professionals on set for their first time to do

hair and makup for celebrities, and starting my own makeup line.

Tell us about your Paul Mitchell the School- Houston education?

I recieved some pretty sound education at PMTSHouston. The most imporant thing I walked away with were the values and Paul Mitchell culture.

What advice can you give Future professionals?

The advice I can give to other Future professionals is to never give up, focus, and stay in dress code. I know it sounds dumb, but it will shape you to

have a professional looking mind set for when you get out into the working world. You will not be taken as a serious professional if you do not dress appropriately in this industry.

First impressions are everything and you want to be respected.

Connect with Amore Monet 

Instagram - @amoremonet


Aleszandra Tellez


Aleszandra Tellez
Intern, Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood
2017 Graduate


Worked in ADI Studios Los Angeles | Attended Caper 2017
First 100 Winner | Attended Paul Mitchell Gala 2017

What do you do?

Currently working on my California License. I also work as a Color Consultant for Sephora
in Beverly Hills and just recently got hired to be intern at Cinema Makeup school in Hollywood

Tell us about your Paul Mitchell the School-Houston experience 

I loved the the Paul Mitchell curriculm and how helpful the learning leaders were. I also loved
how positive nad happy everyone is. They push you to say yes to everything! 

What advice can you give Future Professionals and other people interested in Cosmetology? 

SAY YES TO EVERYTHING! Be yourself, stand out in your own way and make an impact. Be great at what you do,
failure is not an option. I love this industry and it will love you back. 

Connect with Aleszandra Tellez: Instagram- @Muah_Alix Facebook- Aleszandra.aaron

Trung Nguyen


Trung Nguyen
Independent Stylist
2009 Graduate


Phase Two Future Professional | Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems

Works for Armstrong McCall Worlds Fair Shows

What do you do?

I am currently working as an independent stylist. I have been an educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems for 5 years. Working in this industry is truly a blessing. Withing my first 4 years 

behind the chair, I achieved over $100,000 in sales. I am in the transition between working behind the chair as a commission stylist to becoming a salon owner.

Tell us about your PM Education?

I sought out salon opportunities before I even graduated. I had 3 different positions lined up by the time I graduated PMTSHouston. I thoroughly enjoyed my education.

What advice can you give Future Professionals and other people interested in cosmetology?

My word of advice for all future professionals is to stay humble. There will be times where you feel like throwing in the towel, but if you work hard and earn your way to the top;

it'll be worth it. Remember to share your successes with those around you and to always do it with a smile!

Connect with Trung Nguyen: Instagram- @trungdoesmycolor, Facebook: Trungiie

Jacky Madrid


Jacky Madrid
Owner/Stylist, Alchemy Salon
2011 Graduate

What do you do?

I am a proud owner of Alechemy Salon in Houston. That is one of my greatest accomplishments, love my salon and I love my team.

Tell us about your PM Schools education?

I love Paul Mitchell and i continue to grow with them so we became a Paul Mitchell focus salon

What advice can you give Future Professionals and other people interested in cosmetology?

One advice I could give is to stay true to your art. There will be many challenges and turn downs but you will find the salon 

that is just for you. Dont give up! Also, perfect those blow drys haha having a great connection with your client is major!


Connect with Jacky Madrid: Instagram- @alchemysalon_houston, Facebook-

Orlando Rodriguez


Orlando Rodriguez

Owner, The Orlando Salon- A Paul Mitchell Focus Salon

2010 Graduate

What do you do?

I am the Owner, Master Stylist and Independent Educator at The Orlando Salon. When I am not creating all kinds of beautiful color and haircuts I am traveling the country doing bridal work. 

Tell us about your PM Schools education?

My journey with Paul Mitchell the School Houston was so amazing! I loved every bit of it, especially the culture itself. That is why I knew when I opened up my salon that is was going to be a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon.

What advice can you give Future Professionals and other people interested in cosmetology?

JUMP FOR IT! I say that because if there is something you want take the leap and jump to it. Learn to take risks, I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't just go for it.

Connect with Orlando: Instagram- @theorlandosalon , Facebook- The Orlando Salon

Phoung Nguyen


Phoung Nguyen, 

Attended Paul Mitchell the School Houston right after graduating from High School, with an original plan of doing Bridal Hair and Makeup. Her experience at Paul Mitchell was a great one "I learned a lot in a small period of time. I think it definitely gives you an edge to be a Paul Mitchell graduate". Phoung previously worked for Emmanuel Salon Katy, she started as an assistant and worked her way up to one of the top stylists there in a three year time frame. "I didn't expect to progress as fast as I did but I also didn't let myself settle for less. I push myself to be better everyday and it's been a hell of a ride". Nguyen, just recently joined The Upper Hand Salon at Hyde Park. The Upper Hand operates three award winning houston hair salons, the salons are nationally recognized and have been featured on television more than 150 times. 
This year Phoung was a Behind the Chair nominee from 215,000 submissions across the globe. Beind the Chair is the largest community website in the world for hairdressers! With more than 800,000 followers and members worldwide, BTC is the voice of salon professionals everywhere. She was nominated for ombre shot of the year and extensions shot of the year. "To be selected as a nominee from 215,000 submissions across the globe just blows my mind! It is such a surreal expereince to be able to have my work showcased like this". Please show your support and give her a vote for both categories! Voting closes 8/14/7 at 11:59pm. 

Advice that Phoung has for Future Professionals is, it is up to you to set the bar for yourself to be who you want to be. Create that standard and go for it! 

Chamikia Coleman Akindoju


Chamikia Akindoju can best be described in these words "Lady industrious". Like most people her life has been many peaks and valleys but she has held to the belief that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind too. This attitude has led her to many successes such as receiving the Certificate of Achievement in Beauty and Hair Design from the Gallery College of Beauty, A certification as a Extension Specialist, A diploma in Cosmetology along with Honors in Cutting, Honors in Coloring, Honors in Texture, the Paul Mitchell Deans-list Award, BBBE's Precision Cutting Certification, A cosmetology Instructor License, A certificate of achievement in the Cosmetology Instructor program with a over all GPA above 90% just to name a few.

Informally Chamikia has more than 10 years of experience as a hairstylist, a salon owner, Hair Extension Academy Owner and a Director of Finance. Her work has been featured in major publications such as hair designer magazine, below zero magazine and W magazine in which her work was featured alongside the supermodel Kate Moss. She went on to win several major hair styling competitions such as Milky Way $15,000 grand prize winner, Outre $25,000 grand prize winner and reieving Hair Artistry's innovation award for her creation of the hair weaving technique known as the invisible part. 

Chamikia is currently the owner of Salon Meek Posh Studio whcih will soon be a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon. Her ambition is to go on and become a Paul Mitchell national educator and eventually open a school. She understands that she is a great inspiration to many. She is a true testament to active faith she has defied the odds and overcome many barriers.

These fundamental truths have inspired her to write her first book titled Lady Industrous. In her book she shares her journey which includes many successes and how she overcame failures too. Her hope is to continue to inspire others to follow their dreams and to never give up on themselves.

Meghan Lee


After earning her BA in Business at the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2008, Meghan began her Paul Mitchell education as a full-time student. A member of the Take Home and Design Team, she was also part of the first group to ever become Phase Two students.

Immediately after graduating from Paul Mitchell The School Houston, Meghan began an apprenticeship with the French-trained Ceron, a leading master stylist of Houston. While in training, Meghan quickly excelled, displaying an eye for detail as she immersed herself in the fashion world. Resultantly, her work has appeared in fashion shows for Oscar de la Renta, Akris, Naeem Khan, Versace, and Houston Fashion Week.  Meghan was named one of Houston's Hottest artists in 2012 by Modern Luxury Magazine  and was featured in Women's Health magazine, giving advice on taming frizz in the 2013 July issue. Meghan has made a name for herself in the wedding industry as well, having worked on the tresses of countless brides, from professional athletes to some of the biggest names in Houston society. She has appeared on Channel 13 News, Channel 11 News, the Fox Houston morning show, and "Good Morning Texas," and has done photo shoots for Gloss and PaperCity.

Meghan embodies a strong personal style that sets her apart, as she constantly follows trends through continuing education and travel. She has completed training and seminars in New York, Miami, and Italy, and is certified in Great Lengths® extensions. She specializes in styling and up-dos for weddings, chic cuts for long hair, and the application of natural colors, ranging from bold pops to subtle hints. Meghan is  always adding modern twists to classic styles.

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