2015 Beacon Winners & Honorable Mentions Announced: Nearly Half Come from Paul Mitchell Schools!
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2015 Beacon Winners & Honorable Mentions Announced: Nearly Half Come from Paul Mitchell Schools!

The entries are in and the judges have spoken! Around 100 winners and 200 honorable mentions have been selected to join industry professionals and icons at PBA Beauty Week in Las Vegas – and nearly half of the list came from Paul Mitchell Schools! 

All Beacon applications were judged by PBA members, including top manufacturers, distributors, and licensed professionals from across the country. The winning students and honorable mentions were selected from more than a thousand applicants based on the creativity, presentation, and content of their resumes, professional portfolios, and creative marketing pieces. These exceptional students are now invited to attend PBA Beauty Week in Las Vegas, July 11–14, 2015. 

Beacon attendees are comprised of the nation’s top cosmetology students, and PBA strives to provide them with a foundation to build a successful future in the industry. Designed to educate students on the various components needed to manage an accomplished career, Beacon introduces students to the business side of the industry and provides valuable insight on marketing, business operations, networking, and leadership training.

Beacon winners receive free tuition, and honorable mentions pay a small fee to attend PBA Beauty Week in Las Vegas, which includes a full lineup of education tailored specifically to them. The Beacon program is long renowned for hosting the industry’s most accomplished speakers and this year’s program features leading educators including Geno Stampora, Vivienne Mackinder, and Paul Mitchell Vice President of Education Stephanie Kocielski. In addition to attending their specialty classes, students tour the Cosmoprof North America trade show floor to meet beauty business leaders and attend PBA’s annual Business Forum, featuring the Beauty Pitch, where they learn the role global distributors and manufacturers play in the industry.

Paul Mitchell The School Phoenix
Honorable Mention: Marisa Mondragon

Imagine (LIttle Rock), A Paul Mitchell Partner School

Honorable Mention: Naomi Hogan

Paul Mitchell The School Arkansas
Honorable Mention: Melissa Ferguson

Paul Mitchell The School Costa Mesa
Honorable Mention: Jessika Hall

Paul Mitchell The School MTI
Honorable Mention: Raelynn Bowers

Paul Mitchell The School Pasadena
Winner: Delonza Sylvester
Honorable Mentino: Tabbatha Dooley

Paul Mitchell The School Sacramento
Winners: Susan Guevara, Mignon Menzies, Janett Thompson
Honorable Mention: Cherrone Carter

Paul Mitchell The School San Diego
Winners: Winna Amphonrojnanan, Vanessa Hile, Reno Prezio

Paul Mitchell The School Sherman Oaks
Honorable Mention: Shaylin Hall

Safavi Institute of Cosmetology and Esthetics, A Paul Mitchell Partner School
Winner: Aerica Pena

San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology, A Paul Mitchell Partner School
Winner: Keziah Dauz
Honorable Mention: Junryl Molina, Michael Robinson

Paul Mitchell The School Colorado Springs
Winners: Amanda Jones, KJ Murphy, Cinnamon Patty, Malie Shumway
Honorable Mention: Allison Anderson, Gizelle Ingle, Sandra Salazar, Heidi Turner

Paul Mitchell The School Danbury
Honorable Mention: Carolyn Cina, Kristen Huttunen

Paul Mitchell The School North Haven
Winner: Alexandra Marsh
Honorable Mention: Shannon O'Neil, Yemisi Smith

Paul Mitchell The School Fort Myers
Winner: Otto Cafaro
Honorable Mention: Ali Alexander

Paul Mitchell The School Jacksonville
Winner: Britteny Monroe

Paul Mitchell The School Orlando
Winner: Jazz Maris
Honorable Mention: Marithza Casamalhuapa

Paul Mitchell The School Tampa
Honorable Mention: Morgan Merrell

Paul Mitchell The School Atlanta
Honorable Mention: Kristen Byrd

Paul Mitchell The School Esani
Winner: Chardae Bass
Honorable Mention: Karla Martinez, Nyanka Richards, Ebonee Tabb

Paul Mitchell The School Honolulu
Honorable Mention: Jacqueline Mora

Paul Mitchell The School Boise
Winner: Jessica McDonald
Honorable Mention: Alana Giesy, Deborah Reece

Paul Mitchell The School Rexburg
Winner: Mariah Kimball
Honorable Mention: Hailey Parkinson

Paul Mitchell The School Chicago
Honorable Mention: ALEXIS BARKSDALE

Paul Mitchell The School Lombard
Honorable Mention: Megan Matichak, Ashunti Simis

Paul Mitchell The School Tinley Park
Winner: Katrina Goodwin

Paul Mitchell The School Wichita
Honorable Mention: Shanna Austin, Jazmin Frias, Tabitha Mohler

Paul Mitchell The School Louisville
Honorable Mention: Sarah Kate McLaughlin

Paul Mitchell The School Delaware
Winner: Rachel Smith

The Temple, A Paul Mitchell Partner School
Winners: Noel Romero, Andy Silvious
Honorable Mention: Tyler Collins, Kelly Ann Dematos, Keely Doherty, Quinton Embly, Megan Herdering, Heather Imes, Amanda Keasner, Myan Keefer, Libby Killian, Jessica Manion, Jennifer Soto

Paul Mitchell The School Escanaba
Honorable Mention: Nicole Walker

Paul Mitchell The School Great Lakes
Winner: Samantha Bastianelli

Paul Mitchell The School Michigan
Winner: Christine Cunningham
Honorable Mention: Katie Halpin, Deborah Humphrey, Christina Leist, Stacey Schnoblen, Olivia Velasq1uez

Paul Mitchell The School St. Louis
Winner: Jacklyn Donnelly
Honorable Mention: April Gonzalez, Kelso Hope

Paul Mitchell The School Lincoln
Honorable Mention: Katie Brooks, Jenna Marie Shafer

Paul Mitchell The School Las Vegas
Winner: Kit Howell
Honorable Mention: Jaymee Lawrence

Paul Mitchell The School Reno
Winner: Ryan Christofferson

Paul Mitchell The School Schenectady
Winner: Summer Gardner
Honorable Mention: Kayla Schmidtmann

Paul Mitchell The School Cincinnati
Winner: Wallis Doyle

The Ohio Academy (Columbus), A  Paul Mitchell Partner School
Honorable Mention: Brittany Bradley, Allison Quinn, Ebony Williams

Bella Capelli Academy (Monroeville), Paul Mitchell Partner School
Honorable Mention: Shelbie Moser

Bella Capelli Academy (Robinson), Paul Mitchell Partner School
Honorable Mention: Angela Taylor

Paul Mitchell The School Rhode Island
Winner: Tammy Frates
Honorable Mention: Ana Cordova, Keara Enos, Michelle Rodrigues

Paul Mitchell The School Columbia
Winner: Joseline Torresmulero Armistead
Honorable Mention: Jamie Taylor

Paul Mitchell The School Greenville
Winner: Helen Bagwell
Honorable Mention: Ashley Wideman-Jones

Paul Mitchell The School Memphis
Winner: Jeremy Wexler
Honorable Mention: Carlee Butler, Martavius Dalton

Paul Mitchell The School Murfreesboro
Winner: Grace Wickmann
Honorable Mention: Brooklyn Daron

Paul Mitchell The School Austin
Winners: Aoife McCarthy, Kristen Myers
Honorable Mention: Yeraica Griffin

Paul Mitchell The School Ogden
Honorable Mention: Olivia Mendez

Paul Mitchell The School Provo
Winners: Jessica Bartholomew, Jessica Larsen
Honorable Mention: Marissa Carpenter, Raelynn Robbins, Jamie Robinson

Paul Mitchell The School Salt Lake City
Winners: Haleigh  DeBruyn, Krystan Gillett, Kathleen Hatch, Revice Jordan
Honorable Mention: Trista Donnelly, Tenesha Luckett, Gloria Mendoza, Marissa Miles, Victoria Plant, Hanah Richards, Sacia Smith, Desiree Valentin

Rudy and Kelly Academy, A Paul Mitchell Partner School
Honorable Mention: Keren Robinson

Paul Mitchell The School Spokane
Winner: Jessica Andrew

The Academy Waukesha, A Paul Mitchell Partner School
Winner: Nataly Seda

Paul Mitchell The School Green Bay
Honorable Mention: Nicole Bandar

Paul Mitchell The School Monroe
Honorable Mention: Cassidy Steiner

For the full list of the winners and the schools they currently attend, please visit probeauty.org/beaconwinners. 

*If you have trouble viewing the names on the video, click "HD" when entering full screen

Written By: Gail Fink, Paul Mitchell Schools

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