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Take a moment to get to know a few extraordinary Paul Mitchell The School Miami alumni. Their stories speak to the power of dreaming big and getting a great education.



Hair Stylist, Colorist, and Head of Marketing at Waves Salon Boutique

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/envyhairdesigns?fref=ts


Nelson Viera is like a filter; he diminished the pollution of his past and recycled it into success. Likewise, he is adamant about people having a mantra, and doing things that push people closer to their goals. For instance, he believes that if you do something for 21 days, thereafter your brain will naturally crave that something, resulting in a new habit.


Viera is responsible for the marketing at Waves Boutique Salon. In addition to marketing, he has a background in fashion and photography. He has an Associate’s Degree in arts, a Bachelor’s Degree in commercial design, and is an alumni valedictorian graduate of Paul Mitchell Schools. Landing his first job at 18 years old for Macy’s catalogue taught him business ethics and unknowingly inspired his future as an artist.


He became well-known for his art, opening a studio and selling many of his pieces to interior designers and collectors until the economy took a dive. Not too long after, he found himself in a dark place. His partner encouraged him to see the light at the end of the tunnel and pursue his interest in cosmetology. Nelson then found another way to use his art…with new canvases: people, hair, clothes, and the fashion-forward life.


First job after graduation…

Viera asked his partner if he knew anyone who worked at a salon. Soon after, when sitting in the comfort of his home in a tank top, not prepared mentally or physically for a job interview, unexpectedly Terry, the owner of Waves Salon Boutique walked in. After talking for a bit, Terry mentioned that she was not looking to hire anyone at that moment. Quick to respond, Viera explained his vision and expressed his interest in renting a space in her salon. This was the beginning to a new journey. Viera continues to see clients from when he was a Future Professional.


Best advice ever received…

 “You don’t have to be great when you start; you have to start to be great.” These are the words he says to himself before he begins his day.


What he loved the most about Paul Mitchell School…

The structure and opportunities that were given from the first day of class; he believes a strong foundation is the key to successful discoveries and creations. He participated in every club and event he could, while taking advantage of every opportunity the school had to offer. He looked at school from a business perspective, and picked everyone’s brain who would let him. With a big smile on his face he admits, “I was the teacher’s pet.”

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