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Take a moment to get to know a few extraordinary Paul Mitchell The School Sherman Oaks alumni. Their stories speak to the power of dreaming big and getting a great education.

Pati Arana


Pati Arana is a graduate of Paul Mitchell The School Sherman Oaks and a leading stylist at 18/8 Fine Men’s Salon in West Hollywood. The daughter of a cosmetologist, she moved from Nor Cal to LA just to study cosmetology herself at Paul Mitchell the School Sherman Oaks. But it wasn’t always easy. Stress, anxiety, and other personal difficulties didn’t just go away after she started. Yet she persevered with the help of her girlfriend Lo and her drive to succeed, eventually going on to join Phase 2, Design Team, Take Home Team, and Student Council. In one month, she took more clients and sold more product than any other Future Professional in the school’s history. Oh, and she graduated early!  It was in school that she discovered her passion for men’s hair. While her other classmates would be intimidated by the unique difficulties of cutting for men, Pati relished it. So when she graduated, she set out to find a salon where she’d be able to work specifically with men and ended up landing at 18/8, and she couldn’t be happier.

Nicoletta Gauci


Nicoletta Gauci is a unique blend of Los Angeles native with European flair. She received formal artistic training first from the Academy of Art University where the very different worlds of art principle, application, and business would first collide. Thanks to a strong line of fundamental training, most notably from the Paul Mitchell School, and a continual thirst for education and experience, she has been able to achieve great heights early in her career. This now even-stronger combined foundation outlined a path that would take her to new depths as a hair stylist.

Nicoletta has styled hair for numerous editorial and beauty shoots as well as for celebrity personalities and marketing campaigns. Her work has also taken her into the international world of art direction for magazine submissions as well as education for both future and current hairstylists through John Paul Mitchell Systems and The Paul Mitchell Schools. She has worked and been published in over 15 countries and intends to continue on her path and share her love for art, fashion and beauty with the world.

Some of her Publications include: Covers Magazine (us) - Papercut (us) - Utterly Engaged (us) - Estetica Italia - Estetica  USA - American Salon - Paul Mitchell the School Newsletter - Oomph Magazine (us) - Peppermint (aus) - Modern Salon (us) - Whos Jack (uk) - You magazine (international) - Brollops (sweden) - Racing Minds (uk) - Superior Magazine - C-heads - Tantalum - T&M - Pony Anarchy - Unallied - Behind the Chair - Launchpad - Canadian Hairdresser Magazine - Ballad Of - H-trends - Hairdressers Journal (uk) - La Stampa (it) - Mint - Hot by Hairs How - Parruchierando (it) - Atlanta Magazine - Jezebel - The Atlantan - Pregnant and Newborn Magazine - Points North

Jamie Anderbery-Stout


Jamie Anderbery-Stout graduated from Paul Mitchell The School Sherman Oaks in 2008 with the school’s second class. From there, she worked at Floyd’s Barbershop in Venice Beach while putting in the work and training to become a Learning Leader. During her time at the school, she wore many hats including Take Home Leader, Brand Leader, Core Specialist, Phase 2 Leader and Color Specialist. Working closely with her mentors has always been a dream of hers, which led to her collaboration and training with Lucie Doughty, Editorial Director for Paul Mitchell. After having her work published in Modern Salon, American Salon and Behind the Chair, Jamie ventured to take her career into a new direction and soon become Regional Color Coordinator for Central and Southern California, which strengthened her core as an educator and leader in the Paul Mitchell color world. Working harder than ever and having the ultimate eye for detail, she is now innovating alongside legendary industry leader and VP of Education, Stephanie Kocielski, as Paul Mitchell’s own Director of Color Education. She continues to look for new ways to approach color, how to teach it more effectively, and how to take education to a level where it has never been before.  

Aimee Macabeo


Aimee graduated from Paul Mitchell The School Sherman Oaks. Aimee has created a promising and prosperous profession in the filmmaking industry as a makeup/FX and hair specialist. She has had the opportunity to work on commercials and box office hits such as Oscar winning Best Picture, Avatar, Avengers, Iron Man, and the Amazing Spiderman. She’s also worked on TV shows like American Horror Story.

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