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#PMTSONE: Dominic Ryan, Class of 2019

July's PMTSONE features military veteran Dominic Ryan, who loves using his skills to help others

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#PMTSONE: Dice Moreno, Class of 2021

Our June PMTSONE honoree is Dice Moreno, an advocate for safety and inclusivity in salons everywhere

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#PMTSONE: Yuri Sinata, Class of 2009

An additional impactful changemaker for May is Yuri Sinata from Paul Mitchell The School Pasadena

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#PMTSONE: Alee Cao, School & Business Owner

Celebrating future professionals and leaders who use their voices to make a difference

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#PMTSONE: Peter Puertas, Class of 2019

This series celebrates Future Professionals, alumni, and team members who make a difference

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